Thursday, 17 April 2014

Sick Tree! 17/04/2014

This week the tree had some problem. Unfortunaetly two of his leaves had some problem and one is already dead, while the other one is yellow and will die soon. In my opinion the problem the tuna can starting to be too little for the tree and also maybe I used too much water in it.
Now i will transfer the tree in a real vase but it will be difficult to do it without damaging the roots. I really hope that this will solve the problem (if there is a real problem, becouse the rest of the tree looks great and totally healty)

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Shaker-tree! 10/04/2014

While the height of the tree keep increasing, the trunk remain the same size. I'm worried because everytime that I move the pot, the tree shake a lot and if there is a bit of wind it bends. I'll add some support to help the structure.
There are other leaves coming out, one from the top and another one from the bottom! That is exciting, and the total of the leaves is now 7 fully formed and 2 baby leaves.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Bigger and Bigger! 03/04/2014

This week the weather was great and the little tree spent a lot of time in the greenhouse.
Maybe this is why it's becoming so big!
Comparing the photo of last week with this we can count 6 complete leaves and there is also a structural change: I had to use some piece of wood to substain the tree (actually a broken toothpick).
Now i'm worried about the trunk that don't looks strong enough to substain the whole plant. I hope that will start to become more fat otherwise i have to add some other toothpicks!

I've also another news: in the back of the photo there is another little sprout popping out! I don't think that this tuna can is big enough for two trees so I placed it in a new pot inside the greenhouse. I think that i'll keep it there all the time but i'll not take photos of it.