Sunday, 27 November 2016

Not a great period! 27/11/2016

Tough times for my tree in this period. Few weeks ago we had a couple of days of strong wind and the tree was knocked down and lost some leaves. Other than that the cold season is approccing and so i've decided to move back the tree in the greenhouse. Days are still sunny and warm but in the night the temperature drop a lot.
But bad news are not finished since some snails decided to eat some leaves of my tree.
In the greenhouse the tree is more protected from the wind and the cold but it receive less sunlight so I've removed some old sticks to help the sun especially in the lower part were there are still a lot of yellow leaves.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Almost autumn! 16/10/2016

The sky is becoming more cloudy and the days are gloomy but the tree don't really care. The summer make it grow a lot and now it is almost tall as me. In the current position it became difficult for to take an entire picture of it.
However in the cold season the growth should be much slower and it might be the right time to search a new and bigger vase where the roots can have more space. However i have no real plan about that at the moment. I also have to think about a new location because here the tree can enjoy some raindrops but it might be a problem when the real cold will began.
From the tree health side the leaves at the bottom are still yellow but I don't really think that it is a huge problem.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Summer! 19/07/2016

Finally it is the time for a new update.

Sorry for the photo but, due to the sunlight, you can't really see the top of the tree. However this means that it keeps growing and growing. You can't really confront this photo with the one of the Spring update because we changed the position of the various vases but consider that shortly after that update I've added the longest wooden support that you can see in this photo that was perfect for the previous size of the tree. Now is definitly too short and i need to change it.
As you can see there are some yellowish leaves around the bottom and internet say that could be a lack of iron in the ground. I've added a bit of powder recilcled from a used heating pack. Hope that it can help, however i'm not too worried about that.
The summer until now has been pretty wet and we had several hailstorm. But the tree held them pretty well. Now seems that the sun has finally took back his spot in the season and we have just sunny and hot days.

See you soon and have a great summer!

Monday, 11 April 2016

Spring is here! 11/04/2016

Well, in the last post I said that i would update this blog more often. This doesn't happened and we skipped all the winter. However if you were worried about the health of the tree here it is the new update!
It is still in great shape even if some insects has bitten some leaves in the middle section of the tree. Nothing to be worried about. Overall I can say that it survived perfectly at the cold season (that this year was actually not cold at all).
Now the days are mainly warm and sunny and the tree seems to become bigger and bigger everyday.
I've also bought a new smartphone and that means that now the photos should be a little bit better than before.
See you soon (or not too soon, we will see...)