Sunday, 17 September 2017

And summer is gone! 17/09/2017

Well, i didn't post any update during this summer but as you can see the tree is still alive and it grew even more. In fact a brand new branches emerged from the bottom part and became bigger than the rest of the tree! This unexpected event changed my plan to put it on the ground because i think that maybe if it doesn't acclimatate well now with the growth so strong and fresh, i could make some serious damage. Therefore I've decided to transfer it in a bigger vase and I will do around mid october.
For the weather we had the most hot and dry summer ever here with no rain at all for almost 3 months, but now things are changed and the temperature are around 20°C and we are having some rainy days.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Almost Summer! 16/06/2017

Ok, first of ll sorry for the photo here but I am too lazy to take the tree to a nice spot. However as you can see it is doing very well. I was a little bit worried for the hailstorm of last month but seems that the event didn't had any effect at all.
I've also got rid of most of the weeds in the pot, except for a nice shaped one that seems to be a flower of some kind, and added some new fresh soil to see if this help with the yellow leaves in the bottom part.
Some people suggest me to prune it a little bit but I want to wait the transplantation on the ground.
The weather now is really hot with very few cloudy days, no rain and the temperature is constantly over 30°.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

After a hailstorm! 16/05/2017

Yesterday there was a huge hailstorm here and I was scared for the tree but seems that it wasn't a big deal for it. Some leaves have been detached, some other are damaged and a few little branches has been broken, but overall the tree resisted pretty well to the calamity.
Regarding the overall growth of the tree, seems that in this moment it prefer to develop lot of lateral branches, expecially in the middle-lower part, respect a growth in height and this can be bue to a lack of space in the vase for the roots.
But next year it will be planted on the ground and will have plenty of space then.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Started to grow again! 02/04/2017

Finally spring is arrived and the sun shine almost everyday. The tree seems to enjoy it and a lot of new branches popped up everywhere!
The bottom part start to look a bit messed up but i like that the tree grow wild at least for now. Maybe next year a pruning will be necessary but we will see how it become. For now I'm very happy of how it is coming along. However this is definitly its last spring in a vase because i want to put it in the ground but, with this active germination, I am scared to hurt the roots so i will probably plant it at the beginning of next spring.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Spring is coming! 26/02/2017

At the beginning of 2017 we had the biggest snowfall ever here and we had a lot of problem with several days without electricity, no phone signal, few strong earthquakes and it was impossible to go anywhere. Luckily the tree was in the greenhouse and it didn't had many problems as we had even if I think that the lack of sunlight and the cold temperature had some impact on it because some leaves fell off and the yellow color on the bottom part seems increased.

However two weeks ago I've decided to move the tree outside the greenhouse because the sun is now shining almost everyday. I am a bit concerned of the night hours because occasionally the temperature still drop below zero, but I think that the tree can manage a weather like this now. I also want that the trunk become a little bit stronger therefore I've removed most of the support sticks hoping that the tree will get used to the wind.