Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Summer! 19/07/2016

Finally it is the time for a new update.

Sorry for the photo but, due to the sunlight, you can't really see the top of the tree. However this means that it keeps growing and growing. You can't really confront this photo with the one of the Spring update because we changed the position of the various vases but consider that shortly after that update I've added the longest wooden support that you can see in this photo that was perfect for the previous size of the tree. Now is definitly too short and i need to change it.
As you can see there are some yellowish leaves around the bottom and internet say that could be a lack of iron in the ground. I've added a bit of powder recilcled from a used heating pack. Hope that it can help, however i'm not too worried about that.
The summer until now has been pretty wet and we had several hailstorm. But the tree held them pretty well. Now seems that the sun has finally took back his spot in the season and we have just sunny and hot days.

See you soon and have a great summer!