Monday, 24 August 2015

Leaving my tree again and the new pot! 24/08/2015

Tomorrow i will go back to Milan and probably i will not come back in Abruzzo untill late October. However i'm happy to leave the tree so healthy and strong, even after that my mother changed the pot when I was away from home, even if she said earlier that was better to change it in autumn. Now the tree looks a little bit shorter becose all the roots are now underground, while before there were some of them emerging fro the bottom.
Whether report: the past two weeks were not really hot and there were even several stormy days. Even today is a bit cloudy but from tomorrow it is supposed to come back to be sunny but the really hot summer days seems ended.
See you around October, or even earlier. I don't really know now!

Saturday, 8 August 2015

One month after 08/08/2015

What a surprise! I went back in Abruzzo after one month and my tree grew a lot! I didn't know that summer make the little trees grow so fast!
I had to put a little support for the tree because now is tall but the final part is not that strong and if there will be a windy day I'm scared that it can break. However i'm really happy to see my tree growing that much!
Now the pot is starting to be too little for it but my mother suggested me to wait untill autumn to transfer the tree on a bigger pot because in this period of the year it is in a germination stage and if i cut some roots now there is the possibility to create some serious damage to the tree.
Summer here is really hot and sunny, with no rain at all. However the tree is receiving a good amount of water and also some coffee grounds sometimes.

I will probably post another update in a couple of weeks, before to go back to Milan.